Plan Management | How to find the right NDIS provider?

As an NDIS Participant, it is highly essential for individuals to understand their allocated support budgets (core, capital, and capacity) to utilise them completely. Whether you are a new participant or an existing one or looking to work with a plan manager. You will have many questions and concerns. Individuals or families looking to hire a plan management service provider are highly doubtful based on their past experiences. In this article, we explore some of the concerns, NDIS participants have and how to make the choice of working with a plan manager or not?

What is plan management?

Plan Management refers to NDIS registered providers who support you with your provided NDIS funding. They process any claims and invoices on your behalf to pay your providers.

How can plan management support an NDIS participant?

· Monitoring and managing their budget

· Processing claims and invoices for services delivered to the participant

· Providing monthly reviews and statements

· Reviews on over or underutilization of a participant’s NDIS funds.

· Financial advice to understand your budget

· Additional plan based financial assistance

Do I have to allocate a separate budget for plan managers?

No, you don’t need to allocate your funds separately. Your capacity building support budget provides you with the “Control and Choice” category that allows the participant to hire a plan manager. However, please note your capacity-building support categories are not flexible, as participants are not allowed to use funds for one category against another. For those, who are under the impression, that not using your funds for one category can help you save for another category. Please note, NDIS participants are unable to do so, as your capacity-building support budget is not flexible as your core support budget.

Can my plan manager claim all my funds at the start of my plan?

No, your plan manager is responsible for processing your claims and invoices that need to be paid to the NDIS service providers such as physiotherapy, purchased assistive technology, and many more.

How do I find the right plan manager or agency for me?

Finding the right plan manager can be hard, individuals usually make the decision to either hire the ones who have been in this industry for a longer period. Else, who also provide inclusive services such as support coordination, or disability housing. Unfortunately, there is a list of options and listings available. However, when choosing a plan manager for yourself or for an NDIS participant, here are some key points to keep in mind:

· Speak to NDIS about your requirements

· Speak to your Early Childhood Partner, Local Area Coordinator, or Support Coordinator

· Consult with any close friends or people who are on plan management

· Check reviews of plan managers or agencies

There are also various portals that provide you with the NDIS Plan Management listings such as:

· My service portal

· Clickability

· My Care Space

If you’re interested to learn more about Care Plan Management, our support team can assist you with your NDIS plan management queries.

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