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We are a team of experienced plan management providers, supporting you to pay providers on time, from your NDIS support budget.
There is no cost to you!
NDIS Plan management services are available to participants at no cost. The cost of plan management is exclusive of the provided support budget. To work with a plan manager, you simply need to have “Improved Life Choices” included in your support budget. This covers your NDIS plan management fees at no extra cost, and is excluded from your allocated NDIS funds.
Experienced plan management specialists
Our plan managers are also experienced accountants with over 8 years of experience, supporting participants achieve their budget and financial goals with ease.
Process Payments in 3 working days
As Plan Managers, we ensure prompt payments within 3 working days. Usually, our plan managers will pay your provider within 2 working days. However, to ensure maximum efficacy in your budget. We review everything for you! So you don’t have to worry about a thing or even a dime.
Live View Portal
With just one click, participants can view their Care Plan live portal. Without having to go through instructions or a learning manual. With complete transparency, and a user-friendly application, you can have live updates about your financial support budget.
Budget Tracking
Make your life easy with our monthly budget review system!

Providing participants and the carers with a transparent choice to review their financials. You can choose to track your financials by using our live view portal or consult with our experienced accountants at no further cost.

Prompt Notifications
Why chase up? When you will be notified instantly. With a reliable support system, we send our participants, a text message or an email-based notification as per their preference. As a payment has been processed, participants will have access to instant notification.
Register or Non-Registered Providers
Ensuring a friendly service experience for our participants. We make payments to the NDIS registered and non – registered providers a hassle-free process.
Accessible Responsive Support
We want to be as accessible and responsive for you. Our plan managers are available via face to face, phone or email-based consultations. Our working hours have been extended from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm ensuring that we are always available at your convenience. Our senior plan managers will also be available on weekends via phone or email.
Safe & Secure
With the highest level of security, we protect your sensitive and private information. Ensuring all your details are safe and secure.

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Enjoy choice and flexibility with your funds, while saving time with easy NDIS management and support.

Plan Management Simplified

We offer a simple process that will help you manage your NDIS funds by handing day-to-day administration, the processing of invoices, and accounting for your total fund balance.

What should I put on my invoice?

Please read Invoicing Tips above. As long as these are filled out correctly, your payments should be quick.

How long does it take to get paid?

Please read Invoicing Tips above. As long as these are filled out correctly, your payments should be quick.


Please read Invoicing Tips above. As long as these are filled out correctly, your payments should be quick.

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