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Our experienced team is here to help anyone who is in the process of or has obtained National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding and feel they may need assistance in managing their plan.

Care Plan Management personally assist people with all aspects of their NDIS plan management, and assist in the modification of the plan as the individual’s needs change. Care Plan Management gives people a chance to focus on the things in life that matter the most, and the freedom and ability to plan for a bright future.

Why would I need NDIS plan management?

The NDIS is an exciting step forward for disability support in Australia. The initiative gives those with a disability more freedom to customise the services and financial support they receive and gain more control of their own lives. A well-managed plan can help individuals reach their full potential and help in creating a pathway to achieve their future goals and ambitions.

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However, the NDIS is complex, and many families and individuals may find it hard to understand, especially in the areas of plan management, administration, and the organisation of support. Care Plan Management is here to help families, individuals and support networks navigate the plans, as well as help to adapt the plan as the individual’s needs evolve.

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Enjoy choice and flexibility with your funds, while saving time with easy NDIS management and support.

What we do

Care Plan Management is a team of caring, experienced and dedicated people who help individuals on an NDIS plan understand, and get the most out of their funding package. Our goal is to help people navigate their plan so that it can be tailored and maximised to best address their unique requirements.

Our Values

What is covered?

Care Plan Management is dedicated to helping Australians with special needs reach their full potential by ensuring they get the support and funding they require to live life to its fullest. We endeavour to build relationships with our clients based on trust, understanding, empathy, inclusiveness, and reliability.

A caring team

Our team are all experienced in the disabilities and support sector. They are highly trained to help individuals with special needs understand and navigate their NDIS plan. We are dedicated to providing a service relevant to our client’s current needs, as well as helping them plan for, and achieve their future goals and ambitions.

Commitment to our clients

Our number one focus is on the freedom and wellbeing of our clients. We remain dedicated to the individuals existing and changing needs providing them with all the information and support they require to get the very best out of their plan. We will endeavour to continually grow and improve our services to make sure we are leaders in NDIS plan management within the community.

Why choose us?

The NDIS gives people with disabilities and special needs more choice and control over the funding and support they access. Opting for a managed plan, as opposed to a self-managed plan, can reduce a lot of the stress and confusion that can come with having to navigate the system. We can provide individuals with a trustworthy, reliable and customised management service, and assure they receive the maximum benefits the NDIS plan can offer them.

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