Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

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Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide
Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

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    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Understanding the NDIS

    NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is the system through which those with a disability can receive support to help achieve their goals. There can be a lot involved with the NDIS, which is why Care Plan Management offers support for the management of all NDIS plans.

    Simplified NDIS Plan Management

    We offer a simple process that will help you manage your NDIS funds by handing day-to-day administration, the processing of invoices, and accounting for your total fund balance.
    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Fast Claims & Payments

    We process claims and payments on a daily basis so providers get paid within 3-5 working days.
    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Budget Tracking

    You’ll have a live portal to view your plan and live info for support coordinators.

    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Accessible Support

    Our team will be contactable Mon-Fri 9-7 by phone and over weekends by email.

    The world of possibilities for those with a disability

    Once you have determined your eligibility for the NDIS you will submit an application and begin to learn about the NDIS and how it works. From here, you will need to do some planning and thinking about what you may want from your fund, which is followed by a meeting with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) for the NDIS.

    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide
    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Why choose us?

    Our experienced team work first-hand with our customers to ensure full visibility and support for how your NDIS budgets are tracking. We help you to stay in control and are here for contact by phone or email whenever you need.

    We keep in-depth records of all your information so we can make everything efficient and straightforward when you contact us. Our Primary focus is on what you need and ensuring you achieve your goals.

    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Ready to start getting the most out of NDIS?

    Enjoy choice and flexibility with your funds, while saving time with easy NDIS management and support.

    NDIS Funding Options

    NDIS offers three different funding types:

    ✓ Capacity Building

    These range in services from basic, daily life requirements, larger one off funding items, and skill-building services to increase independence. Our team will help you find exactly what you need to get the most out of your NDIS support.

    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Getting Started

    Take the complexity out of managing your finances.
    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Get in touch

    Send a message or call us to enquire about your NDIS Plan management.

    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Eligibility Check

    Go through our simple application process to be sure we can help.

    Leading NDIS Provider Adelaide

    Get started

    Manage your viewable plan through a live portal and make sure your providers are paid on time!

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