SDA Providers 

SDA Providers

 What is Specialist Disability Accommodation?

The NDIA continually engages with participants, providers and investors on matters relating to the SDA market. In our role as market steward, we are committed to providing clarity to support the development of the SDA sector including through provision of improved information about policies and processes relating to SDA.

The SDA Provider and Investor Brief provides information on:

  • funding principles including price reviews
  • eligibility and funding levels for SDA
  • some innovations made possible by SDA funding
  • dwelling standards and enrolment including work underway to develop third-party certification standards to improve confidence with compliance.

The SDA Provider and Investor Brief is the first in a series of planned communications to enable provider and investor understanding of this market. Other information including information on the review of SDA Pricing and Payments Framework is planned for release.

SDA Providers

Why would I want to use a Plan Manager?

NDIS participants who choose Plan Management can benefit in a number of ways:

  • You can choose supports from non-NDIS registered providers such as a gardener, cleaner or organisations and therapists who have chosen not to register.
  • You don’t have to use the NDIS Portal.
  • You have a partner helping you to navigating the NDIS and ensure you get the most of your plan.
  • You have most of the choice and control of Self-Management without the administrative burden.
  • The funding for Plan Management is in addition to other supports.


Invoicing tips

To make sure you’re paid as quickly as possible,
please ensure the following details are included with your invoice:

Your business name, ABN and bank details
Your phone number and email address
Unique invoice number
Date invoiced and services were given
Name of the customer and NDIS participant number. This must be the person with the NDIS plan, not family members or guardians.
Describe the service in a few short words.
The number of hours/units and what price per
hour/unit defined specifically as listed under NDIS
price guide rates.
Invoice Total including GST if applicable

Plan Management Simplified

We offer a simple process that will help you manage your NDIS funds by handing day-to-day administration, the processing of invoices, and accounting for your total fund balance.
SDA Providers

What should I put on
my invoice?

Please read Invoicing Tips above. As long as these are filled out correctly, your payments should be quick.
SDA Providers

How long does it
take to get paid?

Usually between 3-5 business days for it to be processed. Our team is checking and processing invoices daily.
SDA Providers


Please send through your bank account details along with a copy of the invoice/receipt and the participants name to our team.

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