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Here at Care Plan Management, we care about quality, long term partnerships for those who are supporting and helping others reach their goals. In order to support our NDIS Plan Partners, we make sure you have easy access to our team and fast turn around for invoices being paid.

For Providers

Easy Invoicing

Please send all invoices to

In order to make this process as swift as possible, please read on further below.

Invoicing tips

To make sure you’re paid as quickly as possible,
please ensure the following details are included with your invoice:

Your business name, ABN and bank details
Your phone number and email address
Unique invoice number
Date invoiced and services were given
Name of the customer and NDIS participant number. This must be the person with the NDIS plan, not family members or guardians.
Describe the service in a few short words.
The number of hours/units and what price per
hour/unit defined specifically as listed under NDIS
price guide rates.
Invoice Total including GST if applicable

Plan Management Simplified

We offer a simple process that will help you manage your NDIS funds by handing day-to-day administration, the processing of invoices, and accounting for your total fund balance.
For Providers

What should I put on
my invoice?

Please read Invoicing Tips above. As long as these are filled out correctly, your payments should be quick.
For Providers

How long does it
take to get paid?

Usually between 3-5 business days for it to be processed. Our team is checking and processing invoices daily.
For Providers


Please send through your bank account details along with a copy of the invoice/receipt and the participants name to our team.

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